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About Memocafe®

The Memory Secret S.L. is dedicated to creating a new range of functional foods and drinks that includes Memocafe®, a drink that offers you much more than a delicious taste.

Memocafe® is a new dietary supplement that combines aromatic coffee with a star ingredient derived from natural plant extracts that enhances memory (Intelectol®).

Vinpocetine has been clinically proven, and research suggests it helps to maintain healthy blood circulation in the brain and support certain neurotransmitters in the memory process, aiding mental function.

It has beneficial health effects for almost anyone over the age of 18, such as students, middle-aged people (baby boomers) who are active and start to suffer the first symptoms of memory loss, through to elderly people who have a more advanced cognitive deterioration.

Sit back and enjoy a drink that revitalizes body and mind.

About Intelectol®


Intelectol® is the purest form of Vinpocetine available. Intelectol® is "THE MEMORY PILL", a dietary supplement which will enhance your memory power.

The Memory Secret S.L. offers you its high quality memory enhancing dietary supplement: Intelectol®. This powerful memory enhancer contains the active ingredient, Vinpocetine, which has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).Intelectol® has received several international awards and is included in the PDR (American Physicians’ Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs).

Vinpocetine has been clinically proven, and research suggests it helps to maintain healthy blood circulation in the brain and support certain neurotransmitters in the memory process, aiding mental function.

Almost anyone can benefit from taking Intelectol®. From people who have already cognitive deterioration, through baby boomers who are starting to suffer the symptoms of memory loss to young people and students who want to enhance their memory to increase their intellectual capacity as well as to obtain good results at exams.

Intelectol® clearly demonstrates in many cases its value in enhancing brain function and cognitive ability. As we strive to retard the aging process and fight deterioration of the brain and mind, Intelectol®, with extensive scientific research to back it up, stands to be one of the valuable brain supplements for wellness into our advanced years.**

Vinca Minor L.

Vinca Minor L.

Historically it had a reputation of a magic plant, Europeans thought it could ward off evil spirits, and the French referred to it as "violet of the sorcerers".

The plant has historically been used to treat a wide assortment of diseases. It was used as a folk remedy for diabetes in Europe for centuries.

In China it was used as an astringent, diuretic and cold remedy.

Throughout the Caribbean, an extract was used to make solution to treat eye irritation and infections. In Central and South America, it was used as a homemade cold remedy to ease lung congestion and inflammation and sore throats.

Western researches finally noticed the plant in 1950's. They discovered the plant contains a mother lode of useful alkaloids.



The Coffee

Coffee beans

Various legends surround the origins of coffee, although the most romantic is probably the tale of young healer from a province in Ancient Abyssinia (present day Ethiopia). He was deeply in love with the daughter of the terrible king of kings,Negus Neghesti, who sent him on a long, exhausting quest to find a novel gift of great value in order to prove worthy of the princess. When the young man completely worn out and on the brink os despair he came across some berries from a nearby bush. After drinking tha water that had been boiled with the berries he felt invigorated, with regained energy. Needless to say, the coffee gained the Sultan's favor, and its popularity spread throughout Eastern Africa, and later from the Americas to the reast of the world.

Coffee benefits

Coffee is presented in almost avery social gathering, and is greatly appreciated amongst those of us who need a boost to wake us up in the mornings. Scientific studies have revealed that coffee also provides certain benefits that are not so well know. In addition to its excellent antioxidant properties, and even aphrodisiac qualities, recent research seems to demonstrate that responsible and moderate consumption of coffee has visible effects on mental health in general and on memory functions.

The international journal of Cancer provides information regarding the results of research carried out by the Instituto Tumori Fondazione Pascale (Italy) that established a link between the regular consumption of coffee and a reduced risk of suffering fron liver cancer.

Clinical trials suggest that Vinpocetine facilitates the cerebral metabolims, improving blood circulation in the brain, increasing the consumption of oxygen and glucose by the neurons and the concentration of neurotransmitters involved in the memory formation process. It has also been revealed that Vinpocetine may contribute towards keeping microcirculation healthy in vital organs as well as in eyes and ears. Research relating to the effects of this compound demonstrates that it goes beyond mere prevention, and makes it a powerful memory enhancer.

Intelectol® & Memoproducts

Discover Intelectol® and our range of products containing Intelectol®.




About MemorySecret S.L.

MemorySecret Logo

Memory Secret S.L. is a Spanish company located in Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain founded in 2002 to promote worldwide the benefits of natural ingredients to enhance brain functions.

Memory Secret S.L. has the rights to license patented memory technology to major players of the nutritional industry from the largest manufacturer of the Vinca family products in the world. This patented technology can be applied to functional foods and beverages to add an extra value in daily consumption and help people with memory abilities.


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